See Constitution

Any persons desiring to become a member of this Club must forward a completed application to the Executive Committee. The person's entrance fee and dues shall accompany the application. No person shall be entitled to enjoy the privileges of the Club or the Marina until all fees and dues are paid.

No person shall be a member of the Club who receives remuneration for services rendered in handling or serving on board any boat within this Club.

Boating membership shall only be available to those persons over 18 by January 1 of the year of application, except where persons under 18 are members by virtue of being a member of the family of a boating member.

Download Application form here.

Waitlist Procedure

To get on the waitlist for a berth at the Clarenville Marina, please contact the treasurer at to obtain an application and to arrange payment of the waitlist fee. Upon payment of the waitlist fee ($50 + HST), your position on the list is maintained for 1 season and also entitles you to a social membership to the club.

Boating Membership

A boating member is one desirous of leasing or buying services of the club or marina upon payment of approved fees. Boating membership includes the boat owner, their spouse or partner, and all children 18 years and under. These members, except children under 18, shall have the privilege of holding office and shall have full voting privileges in the business of the Club.

Commercial Memberships

For Commercial Membership Fees please view application form.

Social Membership

A social member has access to all activities of the Club except the boating facilities, upon payment of approved fees. Social membership includes a spouse or partner and all children 18 years and under. Social members do not have voting privileges. Social membership does not permit you to park boat trailers on the lot - trailers are only permitted to FULL BOATING members at a cost of $100 per season and must be parked at the breakwater location.