By Land

The Clarenville Yacht Club operates from the Clarenville Rotary Marina located at Dark Hole in the Town of Clarenviile on the Northwest Arm of Random Sound, Trinity Bay.

By land the access road to the marina is Bourne Pl. directly across from the intersection of Vardy Ave and Marine Drive. Heading East on the Trans Canada highway take the west entrance to Clarenville at Manitoba Drive then Northeast all the way to the end of Manitoba Drive to the traffic light at the intersection with Memorial Drive. Turn right on Memorial Drive traveling east to Vardy Ave, left on Vardy Ave to the bottom of the hill at the intersection with Marine Drive Cross Marine Drive to take Bourne Pl. to the Marina.

By Sea

Note: The nautical chart for the Clarenville area is number 4852.

As you enter Random Sound from position 48° 03.925’ N by 053° 35.555’ W, you will see East Random Head to the north at 47° True; at a distance of 2.26 nm. This is a 512 feet high cliff. The eastern extreme of the head consists of several wedge-shaped rocks. To the south-west you will see West Random Head at 231° True; at a distance of 1.13 nm. The east end of the land is a high cliff, rising 291 feet. Rocks, mostly above the water, extend out approximately 200 yards eastward. The depth of the water here is over 300 feet.

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Your first waypoint is 48° 04.456’ N by 053° 40.484’ W, bearing 279° True; at a distance of 3.34 nm. This will take you mid-channel, just NNW of Middle Cliff. Note: As you navigate Random Sound, you should be on the watch for strong gusts of wind, even on a relatively calm day. The land formation here acts like a wind tunnel. If you are sailing, be prepared to spill the wind from your sails in a hurry. But once you get beyond the first 2-3 miles of the entrance, it's usually good sailing.

Your second waypoint is 48° 05.271’ N by 053° 41.600’ W, bearing 318° True; at a distance of 1.10 nm. On your port side you see Holloway Rock; sticking out of the water about 1-2 feet. To starboard you see Strong Tickle (known locally as Strong’s Tickle). This is a great place to stop overnight or for a short break. It is well sheltered and has a mooring at the extreme western end, put there by the Clarenville Yacht Club. This is a popular spot for local boaters and visitors. The depth of water at the mooring is 16 feet. You should not go far beyond the mooring, unless you have a shallow draft vessel. If you like exploring on land, we suggest launching your dingy and taking it to the bottom, where the river runs out. There you can hike for a short distance to an abandoned slate quarry.

As you make you way into Random Sound, you will see Gooseberry Island ahead. Your third waypoint is 48° 05.094’ N by 053° 44.259’ W, bearing 264° True; at a distance of 1.78 nm. This takes you to just before Gooseberry Island. It is about 65 feet high and lies nearly in mid-channel, just outside of Hickman's Harbour. Hickman’s Harbour can be a good stopover, but during fishing season the public wharf on the west side of the harbour tends to be quite busy. There is another wharf on the east side, but it is not entirely suitable for sailboats or larger power boats with a high profile. It can be rough when the wind is from the southwest.

You pass by Gooseberry Island, keeping it to starboard. There is a rocky shoal, with 26 feet of water on it that lies about a 1000 feet NNE of the island. There's another shoal, with about 30 feet of water on it, which extends south from the island for about 400 feet.

Your fourth waypoint is 48° 04.948’ N by 053° 51.076’ W, bearing 268° True; at a distance of 4.56 nm. This will take you mid-channel, between Maggotty Cove to port and Lady Cove to starboard. In this part of Random Sound the depth is over 350 feet. The shoreline is steep and there is no anchorage. There is a public wharf marked on the chart at lady Cove, but the draft at the head is less than 4 feet. It is not recommended that you stop here unless you have a shallow draft boat. There are a few cabins at Maggotty Cove, but no wharf. Clarenville Yacht Club has a mooring just ENE of the cabins, marked with an orange buoy.

Your fifth waypoint is 48° 06.091’ N by 053° 54.368’ W, bearing 297° True; at a distance of 2.48 nm. This will take you just outside the starboard-hand buoy off Foster’s Point. Along the way, you will pass Bald Nap rocks to starboard. Keep clear of those shoals. From the starboard-hand buoy, you have a clear run to the Clarenville Marina.

Your sixth waypoint is 48° 09.689’ N by 053° 56.987’ W, bearing 334° True; at a distance of 4.0 nm. This takes you just outside the Clarenville Marina, which is visible on your port side.

Clarenville Marina

Two systems of floating docks, with secure gated entrances, accommodate approximately 40 boats. A large parking area is well lit and club storage shed is located nearby.

As you enter the Marina, we ask that you please slow down and observe the no wake zone. There will be someone there to take your lines and direct you to a suitable berth.

We have summer students hired during the months of July and August to assist you.