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Megnetic vs. True North


Magnetic variation is the difference between True Bearings and Magnetic Bearings and is caused by the different locations of the Geographic North Pole and the Magnetic North Pole plus any local anomalies such as iron deposits. Variation is the same for all compasses in the same location and is usually stated on good quality maps and charts, along with the date it was measured.


Magnetic Variation is the difference between Magnetic Bearings and Compass Bearings. Deviation varies for every compass in the same location and depends on such factors as the magnetic field of the boat, wrist-watches, etc. The value will also vary depending on the orientation of the boat. Magnets and/or iron masses can be used to correct for deviation so that a particular compass will accurately give Magnetic Bearings. More commonly, however, a correction card will be drawn up listing errors for the compass which can then be compensated for arithmetically.

In 2009 the variation for Newfoundland is 21° West

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